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Views: 650    17,07-2017
Madden NFL 17 has shown us a heap of brand-new features that have never been utilized by sports video game ever. Since the Madden NFL 18 has not published yet, the real features and gameplay experience remains to be announced by pre-order users until September 26. If you want to know more details of the Madden NFL 18, please keep following us Today’s Madden guides are comprehensive, means we will talk about everything we know about the up…
Views: 652    06,07-2017
Madden NFL 18, nickname Madden 18, was highly recommend by Madden NFL 17 veteran gamers nowadays. As we all know, the FIFA franchise will welcome its second version that powered by Frostbite engine, which was the successor of the Ignite. Frankly speaking, the Ignite engine had also make a marvelous generation of EA Sports games during the past five years, which also sees us the excellent graphics and physical mechanism as well as various of game modes. &n…
Views: 733    26,06-2017
Madden NFL 18, also called Madden 18 or NFL 18, was one of the best-known sports video game entrepreneur EA Sports title franchise to be published on August 25, 2017. Different with shooting games or racing games and role play games, Madden NFL 18 introduce another way for gamers to play American football. The real world American football matches can be only watched and cheered up, sometimes you just despairingly facing your favorite team get into adversit…
Views: 684    16,06-2017
Madden 18 Cover Character EA Sports recently unveiled the cover image of Madden NFL 18, the honor belongs to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The trailer could confirm that point. Tom Brady is the No.1 quarterback of Patriots.   According to Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen’s words in a CBS interview in May, Tome Brady has suffered a severe concussion from 2016 season to now. It’s a healthy problem for a 40 year old man to go furth…
Views: 517    14,06-2017
The most be-loved and most famous American football video game is on the threshold of a new era – Madden NFL 18 is about to bring us a fire-new offline mode the “Longshot” this August. EA Sports saw the great success of introducing Alex Hunter and his friend Gareth Walker into the career mode of fifa 17. Now our Alex Hunter will come back in Madden 18 once again accompany with FIFA 18 career mode with another name.   What’s the story? …
Views: 524    31,05-2017
The upcoming Madden NFL 18 will be unveiled on 25 August 2017. Although the Madden NFL 17 had done a decent job with Ignite, there still remains space for Madden 18 to be improved. We know the Franchise Mode captures huge amount of fans and there’s no rivals for it, unlike duopoly football simulation game FIFA 17 and PES. Today we filled the guide with some neat Madden NFL 18 guide will help players achieve their goal of achieving the top Madden …
Views: 566    05,04-2017
It’s never too early to start thinking about Madden 18 coming this August. We don’t have much news on improved game features. All we really know is that the game will switch over to the Frostbite game engine. Until we get more info, we’ve decided to go through 3 suggested improvements for Madden 18. CPU Gameplay There are so many areas of the CPU’s gameplay that need improving, but we’ll stick to only a few. The biggest is probably the computer’s s…
Views: 561    22,01-2017
As we're getting close to the end of the 2016 NFL season, I realize Madden 18 is probably in development, or close to it. Here's a few things I want to see in the Madden 18 CFM: 1) When playing as a player, don't lock the camera. The camera angles are barely playable as a QB, and completely unplayable as any other offensive player. I can't see properly to run my routes as a receiver, to block as a running back, etc. 2) Any sliders that can be adjus…
Views: 510    22,01-2017
I have been running a successful online league for the past 14 years using every single version of Madden since online capabilities were made available to the consumer back in 2002/2003. We've exclusively been using Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and now Playstation 4. For a number of years we would conduct our league play using 3rd party websites like leaguedaddy, leaguecentral, and even writing our own stats in after games and keeping track on excel sprea…
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