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Recap of Madden 18 “Longshot” Draft

Views: 505 Update date:Jun 14,2017
The most be-loved and most famous American football video game is on the threshold of a new era – Madden NFL 18 is about to bring us a fire-new offline mode the “Longshot” this August. EA Sports saw the great success of introducing Alex Hunter and his friend Gareth Walker into the career mode of fifa 17. Now our Alex Hunter will come back in Madden 18 once again accompany with FIFA 18 career mode with another name.

What’s the story?
In the consideration of there’s not sufficient stuff about the upcoming Madden 18 Longshot plot, we don’t know whether the prediction about the story between Devin Wade and his best friend Colt Cruise will or not be outdated as FIFA 17’s.
The career mode prelude begins with a cinema narrative camera. After three years away from the American football, our main character Devin Wade come back on the pitch of his high school’s team, when NFL Draft publishes his name.
Longshot mode allows you to rewind at some situations such as make the decisive shots. If you have played the Forza Horizon 3, you can image it in your mind:
Once you screw up a drifting in a sharp turn, you may lose the chance to get back on track rapidly and lose the game. So there’s too much price for even a little glitch that requires you quit and reload the match. Things got annoying always except for the “rewind” function in FH3, a brand-new function that first applied in racing game. Press the predefined rewind key to make the time flows backward several seconds ago, so you can performance a better action depending on the analysis of the previous error operations.
In Madden Longshot, rewind tool allows you to act last operation for countless times until you satisfied with the action. There’s pros and cons towards this function: on the one hand, players may get addicted to this function and never dedicate themselves fully into the match so the error rate may get increased to some extent, and that will certainly break the rhythm of the game. On the other hand, it will provide a convenient way for gamers to practice their game skills and grind their stunts, especially for some rare situations handling. If you use this tool in a proper way, you can benefit from it a lot.

EA Sports make a little tweaks on the game’s gameplay on camera following and players’ vision. For example, if you are quarterback and casting the ball to your allies, until the ball landing on his hand, your angle of view won’t change. It feels like you are acting as a real-player instead of an almighty God.
Finally, there remains questions about features and storyline of the Longshot career mode. We hope EA Sport will fulfill this story with richer stuff to ensure a higher playability of the offline mode. After all, the offline mode is the essence of the game.
Madden 18 is the first version of Madden series to developed and drove by the frostbite engine. We all stand and expect to receive its spectacular in all aspects. Mark the date August 25, it’s coming soon!
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