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Golden Gnome Award 08/02/2014

This year, RuneFest will be better and so does the Golden Gnomes. It is the fourth year of the Golden Gnomes. You are able to work with all forms of talent, a video, cosplay or role model. Surprisin ... TOTEMS Of Wisdom 08/02/2014

Runescape 3 Gold at is so cheap From 1:00 BST August 1st to 00:59 BST August 8th in Treasure Hunter, you can open a Treasure Hunter chest to win essence of wisdom. Use you essence ...

RS Character Name Recovering 08/01/2014

Several weeks ago, RS team announced the way character names work. The character names from old and unused accounts would be cleaned up for you to change your name to one of those once become avail ...

Araxxor Is Live 07/31/2014

Now Araxxor is live in game and the twitch integration as well, players can grapple with a beefy combat boss. He is eager to tear you limb from limb in a solo or duo boss battle to death. Heading s ...

RS Twitch Integration And Rhinos Helps 07/31/2014

Jagex has added Twitch integration to RuneScape. Players are able to live broadcast their questing via popular streaming site with their created Twitch accounts. Chatting is available as well. On J ...

Dungeoneering Guide Part II 07/30/2014

We will continue to introduce you the Dungeoneering in this part. Hope it will be helpful to all of you. The Smuggler’s room acts as the hub of a dungeon. You will always spawn inside this room a ...

Dungeoneering Guide Part I 07/29/2014

Finally we got the Dungeoneering skill guide online. It was a huge collaborative effort by many people. As we know, Dungeoneering is a skill in RS which involves exploring the vast dungeons of Daem ...

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