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News Exchange Your Bonus XP 10/01/2014

Here we got good news for those who have more Bonus XP than you need, now you can head to the Swap Shop where you can hand in your bonus XP for some awesome rewards in the following seven days. F ...

2014 RuneFest In Game 09/30/2014

2014 RuneFest is around the corner. We are so excited. But for those who can not attend the real life event, it is such a pity. Surprisingly, we have a good news for you. Here we got RuneFest in-gam ...

Runescape in Minecraft looks great 09/28/2014

Minecraft players have recreated the world of venerable free-to-play MMO Runescape inside Mojang’s sandbox. Minecraft is a funny business. You can do almost anything in it. I don’t know why you’d dec ...

RS Skill Outfit Head Add Ons 09/27/2014

This weekend on Treasure Hunter, you can get your hands on the finest skilling headwear, skill outfit head add-ons. You are able to win add-ons for your favorite skill outfit headpieces which also ...

RS Community Website Recruiting 09/26/2014

Your favorite Old School RS Gold community website, TIP.IT Rune is recruiting for their Editorial Panel. The Editorial Panel is a group of people composed of authors and editors. If you enjoy ...

RS: Let Me Take An Elfie 09/25/2014

Breaking news that the Elf City is live already. You are able to take a look at its breath-taking beauty and take your adventure there. And now there is a new competition which ask you to document ...

RS Prifddinas Is Live 09/24/2014

Finally, one of the elf city, Prifddinas is here. It is the biggest Runescape update of the year:Lost City of the Elves. Now the crystal city is yours to explore. What a exciting thing in this fall ...

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