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RS PvM Update 12/12/2014

RS Ninja Team are working on an awesome PvM update. Today we will introduce you the first parts of this update, a batch of updates to Legacy Mode and the accompanying EoC improvements. PvM update ...

RuneFest Vote 12/12/2014

This year, RuneFest 2014 is hosted at Tobacco Dock, London. Two weeks ago, there was a competition for you to win a trip to RuneFest. And now you can vote to tell your favorites in RS Facebook. H ...

2014 RuneFest 12/12/2014

It will not be so long for RuneFest 2014 tickets on sale. This year, RS will offer the opportunity to get your hands on RuneFest tickets, hotel rooms and crystal coins which are usable as spending ...

RS Fight Pits Event 12/12/2014

There will be the RS event, Fight Pits on July 18, Friday at 6pm CDT. You can find the companies in the Friend Chat: Kunio-Kun. And you should go to the Fight Pits for assembling. The Fight pits ...

RS Blast From The PastⅡ 12/12/2014

Prestigious, retired items are coming back to Treasure Hunter this week. It is the return of the rare. Don’t miss it again if you missed out previously. Get some valuable loot now. As usual, open a ...

Pest Control Guide Part 2 12/12/2014

After your preparation for the battle, when you arrive on the island, the evil creature will start coming out of the portals, trying to kill the Void Knight. First we will show you the evil creatur ...

Pest Control Guide Part 1 12/12/2014

Pest control is a fun payer vs NPC combat minigame. You can win bonus experience on top of any experience you gain while fight. You must have a combat level of 50 or higher so you can start it.And ...

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