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2014 RuneFest In Game 09/30/2014

2014 RuneFest is around the corner. We are so excited. But for those who can not attend the real life event, it is such a pity. Surprisingly, we have a good news for you. Here we got RuneFest in-gam ...

Runescape in Minecraft looks great 09/28/2014

Minecraft players have recreated the world of venerable free-to-play MMO Runescape inside Mojang’s sandbox. Minecraft is a funny business. You can do almost anything in it. I don’t know why you’d dec ...

RS Skill Outfit Head Add Ons 09/27/2014

This weekend on Treasure Hunter, you can get your hands on the finest skilling headwear, skill outfit head add-ons. You are able to win add-ons for your favorite skill outfit headpieces which also ...

RS Community Website Recruiting 09/26/2014

Your favorite Old School RS Gold community website, TIP.IT Rune is recruiting for their Editorial Panel. The Editorial Panel is a group of people composed of authors and editors. If you enjoy ...

RS: Let Me Take An Elfie 09/25/2014

Breaking news that the Elf City is live already. You are able to take a look at its breath-taking beauty and take your adventure there. And now there is a new competition which ask you to document ...

RS Prifddinas Is Live 09/24/2014

Finally, one of the elf city, Prifddinas is here. It is the biggest Runescape update of the year:Lost City of the Elves. Now the crystal city is yours to explore. What a exciting thing in this fall ...

RS Rune Goldberg Machine Guide 09/23/2014

The Rune Goldberg Machine provides a once per day Distraction and Diversion which offers an alternative use of runes. It takes a selected combination of your runes and offers you an amount of Vox W ...

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