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Highlights: Madden NFL 18 Stadiums Intro & Photo

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Madden NFL 18, also called Madden 18 or NFL 18, was one of the best-known sports video game entrepreneur EA Sports title franchise to be published on August 25, 2017. Different with shooting games or racing games and role play games, Madden NFL 18 introduce another way for gamers to play American football. The real world American football matches can be only watched and cheered up, sometimes you just despairingly facing your favorite team get into adversity and destroyed by their enemies piece by piece that you cannot be helpful.
Madden NFL 18 provide gamers the ability to take charge of their favorite as well as their favorite players to implement an offensive strategy or defensive strategy as you wish. You can even rewrite the result of a real life match in the game. Recently, a gamer upload a video on YouTube which precisely reappear a real life match by playing Madden NFL. As a high intense confrontation sports, American football players will be well armored to be on the pitch, in case of unnecessary hurts from body conflictions.
Madden NFL 18 Graphics
Thanks to the utilization of the new engine frostbite, Madden so that can perform a well rendered graphics like FIFA 17 done. The frostbite engine added with many specific features depict tools for developer to take care of everything when in developing. In order to response to the gamers’ appeals, EA Sports also take efforts in providing more details of grounds and audiences’ facial outline.
Stadiums in Madden NFL 18
The priority will be given to New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium, the home stadium as well as administrative office for the NFL New England Patriots football franchise. It has also become a residential stadium for the University of Massachusetts when its own stadium was under an renovating. The stadium’s current owner the Patriots had sold out all home game since settle down in the stadium. The major events took place in the stadium are NFL events, College football events, and some notable soccer games like 2002 MLS Cup and 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Capacity: 66k, Year: 2002, Roof: open.
Heinz Field is the home stadium of Pittsburgh Steller, serve for the NFL and NCAA. The stadium was designed with the city of Pittsburgh’s history of steel production in mind, include 12,000 tons of steel into the design. HOK Sport designed the stadium, project manager Melinda Lehman evaluate the stadium as the history of Pittsburgh and also bring in an element of looking forward. Total capacity 68k, first opened in 2001, and open roof.
CenturyLink Field is the home stadium of Seattle Seahawks, located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Mainly served for NFL, Seattle Sounders FC and MLS. The stadium was built between 2000 to 2002. The stadium was also designed for soccer. CenturyLink Field has earned a reputation as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. On September 15, 2013, Seattle Seahawks fans successfully borke the Guiness World Records for the loudest stadium in the world. The stadium capacity is 68k people and opened in 2002 with a opened roof.
Madden NFL 18 could probably add some new stadiums in Madden NFL 18, but the most popular stadium will still be the above three stadiums for a long term. If you have good suggestions about adding new stadiums in Madden franchise, you can post your idea on Madden forum of EA forum.
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