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Madden NFL 18 CFM Proposed Features

Views: 496 Update date:Jan 22,2017
I have been running a successful online league for the past 14 years using every single version of Madden since online capabilities were made available to the consumer back in 2002/2003. We've exclusively been using Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and now Playstation 4. For a number of years we would conduct our league play using 3rd party websites like leaguedaddy, leaguecentral, and even writing our own stats in after games and keeping track on excel spreadsheets.

Ever since the Connected Franchise Mode has been introduced, it has made our lives as online league commissioners that much easier. We no longer have to keep track of stats manually, keep track of injuries manually, or record our own game results. CFM is great but i believe it could be wonderful with some additions. Please take these changes into consideration, as i consider myself to be one of the more respected commissioners in the madden community, since our league has been around so long (all you have to do is google madden league and we're right on the first page!). I believe these simple subtle changes would give us Commissioners so much more ability to create a wonderful experience for our members across the globe:

1. The ability to continue a disconnected game:

Too many times we run into a problem where we are in the 3rd quarter of a game, and its 21-17 with 2 minutes left, one team had multiple injuries and another team is driving down to take the lead and boom we get disconnected. Instead of just picking up where we left off, we have to start the game completely over, leaving a bad taste in our mouths. There must be a way to continue a disconnected game, just like we can continue an offline franchise game if we turn the console off in the middle.

2. The ability to reset a game after it has been completed, before the week is advanced:

As you know, alot of leagues have certain guidelines, rules, and conduct policies in place that we ask our members to follow. So if someone wins a game because they broke a league rule or violated a guideline, we want the ability to reset that game so it can be replayed or forced in one teams favor.

3. The ability to manually add an injury to a player and place any player on any team on the IR:

This is two fold. We can use this feature to mimic the real life NFL if some leagues like to do that. Say if Ben Roethlisberger goes down in real life with a torn ACL, we can mimic that in our league. Or if a member violates a rule or breaks a code of conduct, we can use this as a punishment tool, and injure a player for a week or two.

4. An option that lets us choose Weeks per Advance:

Just like how player progression is chosen, either weekly, every 4 weeks, or end of the season. We should be able to choose how many weeks can be played before we advance. This would open up say 2 , 3, 4 weeks at a time and it would give members the ability to play games out of order. This is ideal for scheduling purposes. For example, our league would do 4 weeks per advance. So we would set a date of say 10 days to complete 4 weeks, and it doesnt matter what order you do them in. This would help out the members that have busy lives and cannot adhere to weekly advances every 24-48 hours.

5. Full control of all teams rosters:

I've seen this too many times where leagues have rules in place where you cannot add a certain # of free-agents , but 1 team adds about 15 guys or cuts a few prominent players, then another team picks them up before you can see it, making a big mess. We as Commissioners should be able to reverse transactions, force trades, and cut/sign players for teams to avoid issues like this, also options to not count it against the cap penalties.

6. Ability to edit the player names in the rookie draft:

Alot of coaches would love to be able to add realism to our leagues by editing player names to mimic the college players coming out, or to edit player names of the rookies for whatever reason. We should be able to edit this, their school, and appearance.

7. Last but not least, Player draft que for those unable to attend:

I have never once seen all 32 members of a league attend an off-season player draft. So why not set up a que to draft from? They can set themselves to auto-draft and a pre-draft que will be used.

I understand that i am just one person suggesting hours, days, weeks and maybe months of changes so i do not expect to hear any response. I just hope you take these suggestions into consideration when working on the next edition of Madden. This would really benefit those who love to play in leagues.

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