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What will NFL 18 Scorpio Edition be like?

Views: 634 Update date:Jul 06,2017
Madden NFL 18, nickname Madden 18, was highly recommend by Madden NFL 17 veteran gamers nowadays. As we all know, the FIFA franchise will welcome its second version that powered by Frostbite engine, which was the successor of the Ignite. Frankly speaking, the Ignite engine had also make a marvelous generation of EA Sports games during the past five years, which also sees us the excellent graphics and physical mechanism as well as various of game modes.
Madden NFL franchise established an epic of the franchise mode surging, said the Madden 18 will introduce a career mode like FIFA 17 did. Alex Hunter leave an impressive silhouette to audience that can’t be easily wipe out by other video games (except for Rockstar’s GTA V, that’s really a masterpiece). The upcoming Madden 18, will accompany with FIFA 18 to land the Nintendo new console Switch in September, according to EA Sports official website.
Electronic Arts chief executive officer Patrick Soderlund brought us about the footages of the unveiled Madden NFL 18 gaming video on prototype Microsoft Scorpio, the next generation console take over the historical mission of current Xbox one. Still the details of the Scorpio haven’t been released, we can confirm the hardware capability of Scorpio, including 4K-Resolution support, 60FPS, 1TB HDD, HDMI/DP output, and dynamic resolution technology. Although the precise release date have not released yet, gamers has shown their great passion for the newborn console, surpass the expectation for Nintendo Switch due to its pure nature of family recreational machines rather than a portable one.
Without doubt, the Madden NFL 18 program will be rewrite for the new game engine from top to toe. Better textures and lighting or shadow aliasing will be improved to a higher standard as well as players’ moving animations. If you aren’t satisfied with the current Madden 17’s control feeling or the referees’ performance in emergencies, now you won’t worry about the glitches any more for that EA Sports has noticed the gamers’ petition of above points.
At last, who will be the cover athlete of the Madden NFL 18? And who will be the best quarterback on the pitch this time? Everything remains to be announced. We now list some of the most promising players for you, who now performance very decent.
Marcus Peters – The 24 aged American football cornerback plays for the Kansas City Chiefs of NFL. Peters joint the McClymonds High school in Oakland, Calif. He was 82 overall rated in Madden, that was considered to be underrated by EA Sports Madden NFL 17, and will be lifted up to at least 86 rating in the upcoming Madden 17 for his extreme ability in ball tackling.
Andrew Luck – Born in September 12, 1989 in Washington, D.C., Luck has a father who worked for NCAA as executive vice president and a former QB for West Virginia University and Houston Oilers of NFL. He was known to be the most promising NFL Draft rookie of all time. Wish such a high potential, his current 88 OVR in Madden seems a little bit lower than expectation. At least an over 90 rating will be a moderate mark for him.
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