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Madden NFL 18 Franchise Wishlist

Views: 549 Update date:Jan 22,2017

As we're getting close to the end of the 2016 NFL season, I realize Madden 18 is probably in development, or close to it. Here's a few things I want to see in the Madden 18 CFM:

1) When playing as a player, don't lock the camera. The camera angles are barely playable as a QB, and completely unplayable as any other offensive player. I can't see properly to run my routes as a receiver, to block as a running back, etc.

2) Any sliders that can be adjusted in a cloud franchise should be adjustable in an offline franchise.

3) Play The Moment/Offense/Defense should include check boxes to pick what types of plays you want to play. For example, I absolutely suck at defense, and I'm not too good at field goals, so I might want to do offensive plays, kickoff returns, and punt returns, but let the sim handle defensive plays, punts, kickoffs, and field goals.

4) Stop the double-dipping drive goals. It seems most of the time when I score a touchdown, the next drive goal is for that player to score another touchdown.

5) When playing as a player, (especially not the QB), the option to have the AI select the plays. Your 3rd-string RB or #5 Wideout shouldn't be calling plays.

6) AI that actually waits to snap the ball (team and situation appropriate). Most NFL plays that I watch are snapped with about 10-15 seconds on the play clock. Very rarely are they snapped as quick as they are in Madden.

7) Less player-specific drive goals.

8) In-franchise playbook editor. Of course a play creator would be amazing, but that's not specific to franchise.

9) Recommended plays to take weekly training into account (if that bonus system is stuck with).

10) A choice between giving players a developmental boost for the week or a stat boost for the next game. So on tough division or must-win games you might give all your players a temporary boost. On easy games, like against the 49ers or Browns, you might give all your players a development boost. On most other games, you might take your star players that are hard to level up more anyway and give them a stat boost, but give your 2nd-string players a development boost.


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