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What’s the Exclusive New Feature of FIFA 19 on Switch?

Views: 669 Update date:Jul 30,2018
FIFA 19 is the much-anticipated football simulation video game in 2018, which is the successor of FIFA 18 and will serve for EA Sports from 2018 September to 2019 August. There are many rumors said FIFA 19 will be monthly subscription charged. I asked my friends who work in EA Sports they told me everything is rumor cuz the game has not been released. You can pre-order the game, and its currency on our site Mmofifa.com. If you feel it’s expensive to play the game awesome, you can quit the game or just buy Cheap FIFA 19 Coins from Mmofifa.com to snipe elite players for your squad in Transfer Market.


When talked about Transfer Market, there are several tips for you to master it. Although those tricks don’t functional sometimes, it take the advantage of the glitch exists in the game to generate some legal profits for you. The Nintendo Switch version FIFA 19 won’t be just a rehash for gamers in 2018 autumn, there will something exclusive on that console that PS4 or Xbox One doesn’t have. You know the Switch features a pair of separable controllers on sides, and two gamers can play simultaneously on one Switch, so the game may feature a split screen function on that console. So that to gamers can challenge wherever they want.
Because lots of gamers play on Switch now, and most of them aren’t satisfied with the CPU controlled opponent, which is an important part of the game, sometimes we’d like to play with computer to train our new squad or try some fantasy tricks, and the offline mode won’t influence our match history and record and win rate etc. So the AI should be improved, not only their random generated name, but also in gameplay and behavior, they may get mad when lost goal, or say something aggressive when making a goal.

FUT 19 Switch

Continue the last topic, you need to save money before learn how to spend money. Sometimes you make impulsive decision so you will realize you just waste your FIFA 19 Coins on an unwanted player. Think twice before you buying expensive players from Transfer Market Auctions. But if you want to play like a pro you need many IF cards. So just Buy Cheap FUT 19 Coins from our site, now the coins are for sale and promised with 15 mins quick delivery for PS4, PC, Switch and XB1 platforms.
Once the game released we will on stock cheap and safe fifa coins for our customers, but now we have to prepare for it, we recommend you playing career mode before join Ultimate Team mode if you are rookie of this franchise. Thank you for your visiting.


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