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Madden NFL 18 Top-Flight CB Reveled for MUT Squad

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American football is a kind of derivation of rugby, shares similar gameplay, rules, and match ball and lineup with its prototype. Date back to 19th century, the age when rugby spread into America, rugby was far from current American football. The first professional American football match took place in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on September 3, 1895, Latrobe YMCA won the match against Jeannette Athletic Club with 12:0.
When in 1890, there’re new offensive formation “interlocking formation”, and “flying wedge” made the American foot much more furious and dangerous, in which players can be pushed forward or dragged out from tackles. But without sufficient precautions, 19 players died in American football matches in 1905, broke the previous record. Then then president Theodore Roosevelt issued an injunction of enhancing the safety of American football sport, including “passing” and “neutral zone”. That reform firstly distinguished the American football from England rugby. When in 1910, all “interlocking formation” and its variants were banned after further death cases.
American football then developed to modern pattern, and required at least seven sideline players. Wide Receiver is one of the offensive position in American, features high speed and agile skills to break opponent’s defensive line and receive long passing. Defensive Backs always consisted with two Cornerback and two Safety, responsible for blocking and tackling opponent WR. EA Sports issued the best Cornerbacks in Madden NFL 18 recently, let’s go and see who they’re.
CB – Chris Harris Jr. – OVR 94 – Denver Broncos – California
CB – Aqib Talib – OVR 94 – Denver Broncos – Colorado
CB – Richard Sherman – OVR 93 – Seattle Seahawks – Washington
CB – Malcolm Bulter – OVR 92 – New England Patriots – Massachusetts
CB – Patrick Peterson – OVR 91 – St. Louis Cardinals – Mississippi
CB – Josh Norman – OVR 90 – Washington Redskins – Washington
As a talent cornerback of American football player, Chris Harris isn’t a simple minded, well-developed limbs football player. He was named as the 2011 NFL All-Rookie Team and the “Breakout Player of the Year” honor. His 40 yard dash takes 4.48 second, and 20-yard split at 2.63 second. He has the best overall rating in the roster, but his 60 Hit Power makes him the weakest Cornerback of the given six. Higher OVR represents higher price, and that stats boost may not match for its price inflation.
Josh Norman is considered to be one of the best CBs in the history of National Football League. Norman has shown his talent of American since high school era, he was the only two-way player in his high school Greenwood High School team to win the South Carolina State Championship title. During his junior college, Norman won the 1stteam All-Big South with 56 tackles and 3rd in the Big South with 9 pass defenses. His decent Awareness and Play Recognition makes him a well-deserved top-flight cornerback player in NFL & Madden NFL 18.
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