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Madden NFL 18 Storyline Gist Summary

Views: 784 Update date:Aug 29,2017
Madden 18 released on August 25, what happened during last four days? According to fans’ feedback of the game, the newborn career mode – Longshot brought us about an unprecedented background story for this franchise, which was built upon the frostbite engine and the successful Madden 17 foundation and capital.
Madden franchise was never the most popular game stands in Electronic Arts’ game list, not even for EA Sports, due to it has been overshadowed by its twin brother franchise EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, which established its predominance status from FIFA 14 so far.
FIFA 17 surged a wave of story mode of video game offline mode – Career Mode in sports video game. Frankly speaking, the story mode wasn’t derived from sports class video game, but turned to be very successful!
Devin Wade was the avatar of Alex Hunter to take charge of the Madden story mode, who also played American football with his best friends Colt Cruise in top-flight league matches – National Football League. Seems in the same pattern which FIFA 17 did. EA Sports wouldn’t rehash the outdated story in his second promising franchise instead of a superficial coherence at the very beginning!
The 23 aged American footballer has been doing a good job through his high school to college period followed with his American footballer father Cutter Wade. This time is the second time that he debut on NFL stages, after one year vacant caused by a streak of frustration. Dissimilar with Gareth Walker, Colt Cruise has similar experience with our starring, shares same aim and congeniality with Devin Wade.
But there’s a limitation for players to enjoy a customized character in Madden NFL 18 Longshot- You character’s position cannot be appointed by yourself, he’s a quarterback from beginning to ending along with the story.
There’re three reasons for why we cannot decide which position to play.
Firstly, the game’s background story includes some contents or dialogues that related to the fixed position, so if there’s alternatives for the position, the story would have to be adapted.
Secondly, the Longshot contains some unique gameplay style that innovative and exclusive for QB position.
Thirdly, Quarter Back is the most important role in a team, which burdens the tasks of organize the offensive and defensive actions in a match, plays the most part of the game and attracts nearly entire attention of audience and cameras.
In other words, the Longshot tends to be another Tomb Raider franchise, which provides an interactive movie for players, in which depicted a vivid life experience in NHL.
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