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Latest FIFA 19 Events: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Views: 715 Update date:Nov 16,2018

FIFA 19 Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be released in late November.

Today mmofifa as a professional fifa coins ps4 store would like to share the details of two FUT Promotion events.

Black Friday is a FUT promotion event releases once every year, in late November. It is one year’s busiest times in FIFA, with many special pack offers, objectives and challenges throughout the weekend. For shoppers, one of the most anticipated weekends is coming, Black Friday is just around the corner, providing discounts and deals from retailers all around the world.

Cyber Monday is a FUT promotion event takes place every year, in late November, which follows the Black Friday, as one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

On this day, EA will release a variety of promotions and deals, such as Hourly Pack Offers, Flash Squad Building Challenges, Themed Weekly Objectives, increased opportunities for users to get specific players from packs and many new single players.


FIFA 19 Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s Release Date

This year, Black Friday will take place on Nov 23, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, with pack offers for one day, as well as SBCs and Objectives that are available all weekend. Pack offers will also resume on Cyber Monday, which takes place on Nov 26. These pack offers will also last for 24 hours, finishing up on Tuesday, Nov 27.


Black Friday Offers

There will be hourly pack offers available in FIFA Ultimate Team on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This includes limited availability packs, such as Mega Packs and Premium Player Packs.

Sometimes the packs are limited to a maximum number of packs sold throughout the community.

Some packs will also be discounted from the original price, with 25 % and 50% reductions available. These are the most limited of packs and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Cyber Monday Offers

Office site predicted FIFA 19 will release the deals as below.

Promo packs

A variety of the best packs in FUT 19 will offer a limited time for one hour.

Lightning Round

The FUT packs will be available with a limited number for every three hours as a round throughout the day.

Flash Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Flash SBCs are available for a very short time, you can create a team according to specific requirements to exchange the new card packs or other rewards, such as FUT coins or exclusive kit.

Themed Weekly Objectives

Participate in these Objectives, you will have the chances to get the potential rewards.


The Market

A massive crash will happen in Black Friday, and there's a mini-crash right now. But it is predicted to be a lot bigger during Black Friday. Cyber Monday is going to play a huge role this time.

FIFA 19 Cyber Monday is an extension of the Black Friday. While pack offers are generous, it’s not quite as popular as the Black Friday promotion due to many FUT players previously using their coins. It’s not a good time to buy because prices are going up during Cyber Monday.


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