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Finish Madden 18 Longshot with All Endings

Views: 1110 Update date:Nov 27,2017
Madden 18 firstly welcomed its franchise’s initial career mode the Longshot on August 25, 2017, which turned to be very successful indicated by its sales volume, it has been in the top position on PS4 monthly rank. Borrowed the success experience, the duplication of The Journey also became very popular in American Football simulation video game, that great success proved that the meaningful offline mode was highly concerned by most of gamers, although the online Madden Ultimate Team is still the staple for current video game market though.
The storyline is developing along with player’s choice of the reply of the situation dialogs. There’re no model answer here, all choice you made just lead your character Devin Wade to different future, all exciting enough! Remember or take down your selections, you can re-play the career later to experience a different career life in National Football League and enjoy the unique endings. Although there’s only three different endings in Longshot this year, and all of them shares same mainline scenario, it’s enough for the debut of the career mode. Madden 18 Career Mode Longshot News.

We called the Longshot diversity endings three separate story instead of multi-ending story mode, because the customizable contents are still insufficient to make it a legit free-developing story. If you have any good suggestions for the next version Longshot, let us know or contact EA Sports Support now. The title word Long means Wade’s career life will be deep and tough in League matches, the shot means his ambition and achievements will final come true. Here comes a question: Will Madden 19 features a failure ending for gamers if we lose a decisive match to replace the current jump back for another try system?

While Franchise Mode has clearly been put on the back burner in favor of Ultimate Team and Longshot there are some new features and improvements to look forward to with Madden NFL 18. The biggest addition is the ability to start a Franchise from any point during the real NFL season, while commentary will capitalize more on crucial game situations and league-wide stories plus a customizable draft board debuts.
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