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FIFA 19 Team of the Year (TOTY) Will Coming in Jan 2019

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It was an incredible year of football highlighted by some remarkable individual performances and team efforts. The best goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards from the past year of world football have been selected! FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY) players are usually the best players of the year who received special blue cards with great rating upgraded and are available for a limited time only.

FIFA 19 TOTY will coming in Jan 2019. Here mmofifa as one of the best futcoins sellers will tell you all the details about FIFA 19 TOTY. Some of this article’s content is quote from this article.


What is the FIFA Team of the Year (TOTY)?

It is a FUT promotion event, and it takes place to celebrate the best players of the year.

During the FIFA TOTY Promotion period, EA releases several FUT pack offers, kits, themed cards and squad building challenges. The most important are the themed blue in form cards. These cards are assigned to 11 best players based on their real performance on the previous civil year.


When will FIFA 19 TOTY be released (Prediction)?

Since FUT 12, every year in early January, EA builds a team of players based on their real performance on the previous year. FIFA 19 TOTY’s players were selected by the FIFA community (60%) and Electronic Arts (40%).


FIFA 19 TOTY Nominees release date: Jan 7, 2019
FIFA 19 TOTY first release date: Jan 14, 2019
FIFA 19 TOTY players released in packs: Jan 14 - Jan 21, 2019

FIFA TOTY is released each year with a FIFPro World 11 nominees squad (1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards), and the last 11 TOTY winner selected from 55 nominees will be announced after a week, the event will last until Jan 21, 2019.


FIFA 19 TOTY Cards

FIFA 19 TOTY cards are the most wanted players’ items.

The TOTY cards will be released in packs for a week. Generally, the goalkeeper and defenders are available for 4 days; forwards and midfielders for 5 days. If you want to find the TOTY players in packs, the best time to open packs is when all the TOTY players are available in packs, probably between Saturday night and Monday night.


During the week a player gets his TOTY card in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. Team of the Year In-Forms cards are available by chance when opening FIFA Ultimate Team Packs. 


FIFA 19 TOTY Cards Rating

During this week, the best players of the year will be released in packs with upgraded ratings as unique items. The ratings and stats of these cards are permanent. They don’t change.

FIFA 19 TOTY cards’ players’ ratings and stats of cards are usually boosted in six or seven points. The forwards have less scope for an increase, since Ronaldo and Messi are already highly rated. These cards’ players’ position may change, since they played really well in a new position in the previous year.

In your club, you can have the same player’s regular card and TOTY card. However, you cannot use them both in your squad at the same time.

Market Crash

TOTY event will bring a lot of pack opening and influence players' price to a great extent, there will be a market crash in FIFA 19 transfer market. TOTY players will be the most expensive players when they become available in packs in the first few days, then fall down later. Pay attention to the price trends and make an investment to earn more fifa coins.


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