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FIFA 19 Is Released Today And New Features You Should Know

Views: 644 Update date:Sep 28,2018
Today, the most anticipated football video game FIFA 19 is officially released today on PS3,PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Window. Since the FIFA 19 demo was released a week ago, which offers fans an opportunity to sample the exciting soccer experience, the game has received positive reviews from both critics and players. In the Brand-new FIFA 19, there are a host of fresh adjustments and new additions to be expected. So before plunging yourself into the game, let’s have a look at the new shiny highlights in the FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 release

When it comes to FIFA 19, the UEFA Champions League must hit your head first. Fans of the game rejoiced when EA Sports announced that FIFA19 has both the Champions League and Europa League license.UEFA Champions League mode allows fans to build their dream around their favorite superstars who topped the FIFA 19 ratings and experience the greatest club football competition in the world in the form of virtualization. Mmofifa.com is one of the best game currency store online which provides Cheap FIFA 19 Coins. To shape your perfect dream team, you have to find the right chemistry between players and their play style.The pluses and minuses of Attribute Details next to player stats indicates the increase and decrease in the player’s ability based on chemistry. The green number on player cards shows the player has strong chemistry and chemistry styles and a play’s finishing stat can be boosted if they have full 10 chemistry.

To bring player soccer experience to new heights, in FIFA 19, EA Sports introduces a new Active Touch system. The new Active Touch system will fundamentally change the way you receive and strike the ball,providing more control and fluidity. For example, when the ball is coming to you at the top of the area, you can disguise your first touch by making a movement toward the approaching defender,but letting the ball run to receive it in a bit of space which allows you to get a shot away or make pass to another teammate.

The addition of Dynamic Tactics provides more deeper, more advanced control over your team’s tactics both before and during the matches. With the Dynamic Tactics in FIFA 19, you can pick players, set a formation, assign roles, give instructions and customize your tactics before the match. You can also create multiple game plans that you can switch between during the match. You can see your team execute your approach in an obvious manner,so you can get a visual idea of how it is working on the pitch and respond quickly during a match by changing your own tactics.

Aside from the above mentioned changes, FIFA 19 has some other interesting additions to the squad this year. If you want to upgrade your squad in Ultimate Team, buy Cheap FIFA 19 Coins at mmofifa.com. The House Rules games puts a fun twist on the standard gameplay types. There’s headers and volleys, for example, and the brilliant “no rules” option, where both offside and fouls no longer count. Another interesting new addition is the Survival Mode, where every time a team scores, a random player of the winning team will be removed from the pitch. This new mode increases the difficulty of making strategy on the pitch. It is worth mentioning that House Rules is limited to offline only.In a world, FIFA 19 has brought plethora of new changes and vastly improved player experience, so hurry up and try the all-new FIFA 19 with your friends right now.


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