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FIFA 19 Champions Rise Trailer Spotlights New Features in FIFA 19

Views: 1313 Update date:Sep 20,2018
The new FIFA 19 Champions Rise trailer just released by EA Sports caught fans’ eyes all over the world and again spotlighted the new features of the Champions League in FIFA 19. In the video, Philadelphia Sixers star Joel Embid, as well as other celebrities such as hip-hop star Quato all appear to promote the game. One great highlight of the trailer is the new UEFA Champions League feature where players can select their favorite superstars. To show a variety of selection, the trailer shows off the players who topped the FIFA 19 player ratings, including Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, and of course, Crisitiano Ronaldo is in the course.

UEFA Chanpions League

The trailer also features some improvements in game visuals in the upcoming FIFA 19. To bring more immersive soccer ball experience for players, FIFA 19 introduced a brand-new animation system called Real Player Motion technology which increases player personality and fidelity in the movement to a new height. Buy Cheap FIFA 19 Coins at mmofifa.com, we promise a fast, safe delivery. To make players better control movements of players during the game, FIFA 19 also add new Active Touch System. With the active touch system, you can better control ,receive, and strike your ball. There are also a suite of new first touch skills including the disguised trap, flick-up volleys, all of which will hugely increase your scoring possibilities and bring you more authentic and exciting experience.

Another eye-catching aspects of the upcoming FIFA 19 is the new sound track. There are a total of 29 tracks featured on the FIFA 19 soundtrack, with the playlist now available at Spotify. The new playlist features a mixed collection of genres from some of today’s top artists such as hip-hop stars Childish Gambino and J. Cole. The mixed collection of songs will keep players excited or chill depending on which modes they are playing when playing different aspects of FIFA 19.

Since FIFA demo was just released a week before, players can download the game over PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to sample the new gameplay in advance of the official release. In a world, the demo gets off to a good start. If you have has a try at the demo, I believe you must be struck by the new look that accompanies the home screen. Mmofifa.com is one of the best websites for providing Cheap FIFA 19 Coins. The game bears a real likeness to watching a real match on TV. Besides, there are a number of exciting teams for players to choose. From Manchester City to Real Madrid, you can experience the foot ball game with top clubs over the world. The addition of new commentators: Derek Rae and Lee Dixon on the Champions League brings an excellent insight for players through their audio.

At the moment, all of the changes revealed in the demo prompts fans to fancy how good FIFA 19 will be when it is officially released. As we know, FIFA 19 will officially hit the market on September 28 th, with Champions Editon pre-orders arriving three days ahead of that. Debates and discussions are already ongoing based on the current reveals. Soon more fans and critic will give their thoughts on the new game. By then, we will write another article to introduce the latest review of FIFA 19.


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