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Almighty Player Roster of Madden NFL 18

Views: 859 Update date:Aug 03,2017
Madden NFL 18 best players for every position published on EA Sports official website recently. But those are only prepared for who willing to donate considerable amount of cash in the game. Money is not everything, but without money once can go hardly anywhere. Earn MUT Coins from daily events or challenges or online matches will be majority of gamers’ choice. We Mmofifa.com would like to introduce some of the top-flight players who are approachable for MUT gamers after a period of grinding in the game. Cut the crap, let’s go.
RT – Marcus Cannon – OVR 88 – New England Patriots
Cannon has been recognized as one of the best tacklers in the world of American football in 2011 NFL Draft. Cannon played all 18 matches for Patriots in the 2012 NFL postseason. The fate of New England Patroit’s 2017 season match are all depend on the performance of their offensive tackler Nate Solder and Marcus Cannon. “I have to still come out here and to things better. There’re still things I need to work on that I’m not as good at. Thanks for the opportunity that they gave me and I’m very blessed.” Cannon said after he signed a five year contract with the team. His rating on Madden NFL 18 has been lifted by 1 point, benefit from his awareness improved.
DT – Damon Harrison – OVR 89 – New York Giants
Harrison born in Louisiana in America on Nov. 29, 1988. Damon start his NFL Draft in 2012 when he played for lowa State’s pro day, when he has made his name as a splendid tackler there. Then he signed a four-year contract with New York Jets from 2012 to 2015. He first brought down New England Patriots QB Tom Brady in October 20, 2013. Finally in New York Giants, Harrison signed with New York Giants in 2016 with a five-year contract values 24 million USD. He was ranked at No.96 in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017. In Madden NFL 18, he has decent awareness, acceleration, and strength, but lack of speed and agility due to his hefty shape and strong arms.
RB – DeMarco Murray – OVR 87 – Tennessee Titans
DeMaarco Murry is an American football Running Back now played for Tennessee Titans of NFL. He successively signed with Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tennessee Titans during 2011 to 2016. He was traded to current team on March 9, 2016 after Eagles 2016 draft. He donates 9 rushing touchdowns and 3 receiving touchdowns for the current team in NFL running backs in 2016. In view of his illustrious performance, his overall rating in Madden NFL 18 now is steadily approaching to 90. He has no obvious weakness nor surpassing abilities, keeping a balance of awareness, speed, acceleration, agility, and strength, considered to be a well-deserved versatile Running Back.
HB – Melvin Gordon – OVR 87 – Los Angeles Chargers
Gordon III was born in Kenosha in Wisconsin on April 13, 1993, now ages 24. Gordon’s American football career started at Mary D. Bradford High School in Kenosha when he was 16. He showed great talent in American football when he was young and when he was in high school, he has grown to be 6 feet with 200 lb. Although Gordon suffered a serious microfracture surgery in 2016, he returned to the training camp after four month he left hospital. Genius is one percent talent and ninety-nine percent perspiration. His overall rating in MUT 18 stands at 85, with 87 awareness, 92 speed, 90 acceleration, 92 agility, and 71 strength.
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