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30-Years-Effort of Madden NFL Series Distress & Progress

Views: 1051 Update date:Oct 12,2017
In my memory, football video game’s history is as long as the sport itself, including Football, ESPN NFL 2K, Blitz: The League, Tecmo Bowl, NFL, Mutant League Football, Backbreaker, NFL 2K, NCAA Football, and Madden NFL. Nowadays football games has grown to eSports level, represent the digital version of sports competition has been officially put on international league match standard yet. Even first-tier clubs had signed professional eSports players for advertising their popularity.
After 30 years development, the Madden NFL franchise is rarely surprising. Fans think they know what to expect each year: a handful of small but meaningful mechanical tweaks, roster updates, and slight graphical bumps. Madden NFL 18, however, is highlighted by one of the most significant additions in series history, a full edition story (career/offline) mode, and a new, much more graphically capable engine. And due to the Longshot story in large part, it is a marked improvement over the last several entries in the series.
Will “Cover Curse” going on this year? We can’t confirm the falsity or authenticity of this guess immediately, but there’re no evidence to testify the weirdie. Tom Brady are currently lively in National Football League matches and seems to be one of the most valuable player in NFL’s history. The G.O.A.T edition is really a little bit expensive for inviting the superstar to take a picture for the video game.
Ask Tom Brady and Matt Ryan what’s their attitude toward the halftime adjustments. Those adjustments, major or minor, are the key to winning any football game, the types of championship-caliber adjustments we hoped for from Madden’s move to the Frostbite Engine in Madden NFL 18. The game’s physical engine has enhanced the graphics dramatically and added an immense amount of detail to the absolutely wonderful Longshot story mode, but EA Sports misses the opportunity to really make its mark by retrieving the gameplay in a more effective ways.
I'm pretty sure we've all dreamed about a fully-realized Madden NFL story mode at some point. What fan wouldn't want to take part in an interactive sports movie?
NBA 2K and FIFA have been forged in advance with their own story modes during last two years, but this is the first time that Madden series made a trial on it. And their attempt is a little... different? The most harrowing moment of Madden NFL 18 is not a third-down conversion. It’s not coming to scrimmage at the opponent’s 40, time running out, with no good options and the season on the line. It’s being asked to repeat a play back to your coach in practice.
Madden 18 will divide opinion among fans of the time-honored football franchise. The Longshot mode, the brand-new story mode, essentially a substantial story mode, is a much-needed welcome addition – with a genuinely interesting narrative to boot, but, away from the flagship feature, the changes are mostly skin-deep. Developer and publisher EA Sports has announced its one year formula: in comes the annual lick of paint, and a smidgen of spit and polish. Yes, it’s still fun and yet it’s frustrating to see Madden take one gigantic leap forward in one department and stay still in others. If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Madden player you’ll find a lot to like about this year’s instalment. Obviously. You may struggle to spot differences.
It will be following on the heels of FIFA, who made a great attempt last year and which has been proven to be very successful up to now. It was largely successful, though it did have some issues with input delay. It should be a nice visual bump for Madden, already one of the better-looking sports games around. Current video games seem to be trapped by the graphics heresy, instead of the story and innovation of gameplay modes and operations.
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